Illuminating Economic Development

L!VISIBLE was created by Reesheda Graham Washington (owner of L!VE Cafe and RGW Consulting) to support Black-owned small businesses in Oak Park and Austin and connect them with information, resources, and community support.
While many businesses are suffering, Black-owned businesses are dealing not only with the loss of revenue and property damage, but also the repeated emotional and physical trauma that seemingly doesn’t stop. Reesheda Graham Washington, owner of Oak Park’s L!VE Cafe and RGW Consulting, knows this firsthand. In addition to her own, she knows there are “invisible” businesses in Oak Park and Austin that are not plugged into our community or connected socially and need our support. So, in addition to reimagining L!VE Cafe, Reesheda has made it a priority to begin building a coalition of these businesses to share information, resources, and community support.

At the same time, School of Rock owner Amy Renzulli wanted to do something to help other small businesses that she knew were suffering. She knew she wanted to contribute but wasn’t sure how. The two women were able to connect - on Resheeda’s birthday - and L!VISIBLE was born!

The School of Rock is pledging $5,000 in matching funds towards this effort. We hope that you will donate what you can. For those of you who ask “What can I do?” Or “I want to help but I don’t know what to do” this is your opportunity to invest in our community and have a meaningful impact.

Here is how You can Help:


Donate any amount, small or large and your donation will be matched up to $5,000.


Even better, become a matching donor by pledging any amount of $1000 or more and spread the word.

Interested? Contact: rwashington@livexclamation.com


Consider creating a Facebook Fundraiser and then donate those funds.

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