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Become a L!VE Organizational Member and receive 2 copies of Soul Force, get merch/event/rental discounts, access to annual 2-hour organizational facilitation session with RGW Consulting, LLC., and access quarterly group consultation sessions in person with Reesheda.

● 2 Organizational copies of Soul Force: Seven Pivots to Courage, Community, and Change, Co-Authored by Reesheda Graham Washington

● 10% off food and beverage, space rentals, catering orders, & other retail and online shopping

● Host two 3-hour conference room rentals (up to 15 people) per calendar year (valued at $150 each)

● Access to one 2-hour facilitation per calendar year (valued at $375/hour) with RGW Consulting, LLC to be held exclusively for your organization at your location or at L!VE Cafe (excludes any costs associated with travel for Reesheda) on topics associated with DEI, anti-racism, equity, strategic planning, leadership, and organizational development concepts

● Access to a quarterly 2-hour (7p-9p) consultation gathering with RGW Consulting, LLC, to be held at the cafe, where she will entertain questions and give guidance regarding DEI, anti-racism, equity, strategic planning, leadership, and organizational development concepts


Individual and organizational memberships are a mutual and reciprocal relationship that allows L!VE and the community to do life together! L!VE offers a great deal more than coffee to the Greater West Side. As such, individual and organizational memberships allows for the offsetting of costs associated with running our small organization, while still providing the robustness of services that L!VE has to offer as a small “mom and pop” coffeeshop to its community. Your contributions give you access to discounts, services, and freebies that make your L!VE experience more enjoyable and more accessible; likewise, your membership creates sustainability, making L!VE viable for future curated activities and discourse, giving us all something greater to L!VE for!

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