The Value of The Coaching Relationship

The past few months have offered a few opportunities for reflections on the value of participating in several coaching relationships. As a firm believer in the value of coaching, I both serve as a coach as well as allow myself to be coached (as all solid coaches do). In both cases, there are a few consistent gifts that emerge.

The relationship is ever evolving. I really value the ways in which the coaching relationship allows both parties to think, pray, discern, and rethink the content that often emerges from coaching conversations! The exploratory nature allows for gradual revelation that gives to us, more and more over time.

The relationship is reciprocal. In every coaching relationship and/or coaching session, whether I am giving or receiving coaching, I am both allowing myself to serve as a vessel through which revelation can occur. As such, there is room for growth in the one being coached, as well as the one implementing the coaching. The gift of giving and receiving can occur simultaneously through the coaching relationship.

It is both a vertical and horizontal experience. While I am experiencing the give and take, and sometimes even the push and pull of the coaching experience with another person in a horizontal relationship, coaching with the spirit in mind requires that we are each individually and collectively experiencing a vertical exchange as well. The way in which the spirit’s involvement transcends our interactions enlivens and enriches the experience beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. I often walk away from these experiences having bore witness to the transformational power that is inherent in these moments, and undoubtedly refreshed by the power that resonates from being in the presence of the spirit. It has been through the sharing of these evolving, reciprocal, horizontal, and vertical moments with affiliates of the CFA community and beyond that I have been shaped, grown, and transformed, even as I try and make myself available be used on behalf of community transformation. While each Community Advancement Coach is different, and my relationship with each one is in a different place, I am constantly evolving from the times we each share and the ways in which our relationships are shaping our collective lives.

Likewise, when I asked Camryn Smith, Community Advancement Coach of CFA, “What value has our coaching relationship had for you (if it has)?” She replied, “The value of our relationship has been for me having a true peer that has in many areas reached levels that I aspire to for my own professional career and calling. It’s truly a blessing to have a reflection of oneself in a coaching relationship. Having Reesheda as a true mentor, coach, cheerleader and support has been invaluable over this last year. She has pushed me and believed in me in ways I never would have on my own. Helping me to realize by giving me the permission I owned to seek to live and own my own destiny. No one can do that for me; only myself. Reesheda has been helping me realize and walk in this truth.”

This is the mutual, reciprocal, and relational fabric of CFA! It is my hope that recounting these elements might cause you to reflect on similar moments you have had with those with whom you share coaching relationships, remembering the value that is so much a part of the work to which we have been called. Selah.

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