Dear L!VE Community,

It’s been a unique and challenging two years on this journey with you all. And while not every moment has been easy, I greatly value the time I’ve spent with each of you. It’s bittersweet to say that I will be transitioning into a new season of life.

L!VE Cafe has felt like my living room since the furniture was brought in two years ago. 163 has become home; sometimes spending more time there than my actual home! The team has grown to be my tight-knit family. These ties now stretch well beyond the doors of 163!

Thank you to the community for sharing a piece of your day with me, brightening and encouraging mine.  Thank you for your grace as we’ve grown, ironing out the kinks of being a new business. Thank you for learning alongside us.

I want to give a special thank you to Reesheda. She has led in a way that has left me feeling supported and empowered. Thank you for trusting me with “the baby” as we were stretched in more ways than imaginable. You treated my authentic self as a gift, even the parts that could be viewed as flawed. I love you for that!

The time I've spent at 163 will be forever treasured. I look forward to the new adventures that lay ahead.

My hope is to not be a stranger and remain part of the community. I hope to stay connected to you. I can be reached via email, or on Instagram @nataliem70johnson

I feel so incredibly lifted by this community. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it. You have made this time at L!VE so special! You’ve left a lifelong mark on me from your everyday impact. Thank you deeply!

Love, Natalie

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