Gradual Vision

For over a year, L!VE mostly hung out in a laptop. From time to time, I would talk about it with close friends, but never too broadly because I had no idea how I would ever find the time, the space, the resources to take L!VE any further. Over time, my desire to see L!VE come alive grew and grew, and eventually I began to feel like I HAD to DO SOMETHING.

I am a firm believer that writing the vision always makes it more clear and usually helps in developing the next step.

In just a few weeks, I had developed a business plan. The research required for me to write the plan led me to meet quite a few people with insights, passions, and connections that were relevant and valuable to forging ahead with L!VE. Each person I “bumped” into would connect me with other people who have been critical to the L!VE launch process…

And we are not there yet; we have quite a ways to go. But what I have discovered is that even when I can’t see all of the parts, or when the pieces don’t quite all fit together yet, if I just stay open to being led, willing to listen to my innermost desires and trust the “bumping” process, that ultimately, the pieces do gradually come together, and eventually the vision does gradually come into view.

My hope for us all is that with love and grace, we will trust the “bumping” process enough to live out our vision, even when it’s not so clear how it will all come to pass, so that we might enjoy the gift of gradual vision. Selah.

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