Exponentialize Giving

One of the most joyous occasions life has to offer is the moment of giving. Reflect with me on what that moment feels like. The evocation of fulfillment—the potency of purpose—rich with hope for the future of that which we gave! A moment full of meaning in an otherwise perplexing series of events, sacrificial giving brings clarity of purpose. In that one instant, we know what we are here to do: to help one another be our best selves and experience the joy of participating in one another’s journeys. No other act is more rewarding than sharing ourselves, our lives, our resources, with one another.

With so much to gain from the giving experience, it is baffling how little we share with each other the joys of giving and how infrequently we inspire others to give. I suppose there are many reasons why we avoid sharing our testimony on the gratification of giving. Perhaps we don’t want to seem pushy. Perhaps it’s because we don’t know one another’s circumstances, and we don’t want to make someone feel bad about their capacity (or incapacity) to give. 

While I recognize our attempts are geared towards polity and kindness, every time we neglect to share the goodness of giving and every time we neglect to encourage those around us to give out of their circumstance, we further deprive those we love from experiencing the best of what life has to offer: the joy of sharing who we are and what we have been entrusted with, with one another!

So today, as I think of what we might do to share the good news about giving, in addition to each of us giving sacrificially to the people we know and connect with daily, I am calling on each of us to also share with those within our circle of influence the story of how absolutely extraordinary it feels to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. As we each move to give of ourselves in some way that we never have before, I am nudging each of us to call a colleague or reach out to a friend and inspire him or her to do so as well. Not only will you experience the joy of giving yourself, but you also experience the delight in standing alongside love in motion, while watching someone else share in a moment of giving—you experience the fulfillment of sharing the opportunity to “EXPONENTIALIZE” giving in the world!

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