To innovate transformational event cafes and creative space to examine what needs to be torn down, what needs to be built up, and what needs to be refurbished in our lives and our communities, as a means for inspiration towards courageous, authentic, and abundant L!VING!

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While more people are drinking coffee socially throughout the day, there are fewer opportunities to do so in a way that allows cultural coffee drinkers to engage in relationships and community, especially in the Austin/Oak Park communities. L!VE café will leverage the success of the “recession proof” coffee industry, while creating access to people who use coffee as a means by which to build relationships and discover transformation in and through community. Additionally, L!VE has a partnership with River City Roasters a growing coffee company located in Wheaton, IL. Aside from providing us with incredible blends of coffee and decaf, River City has also taken on the role of training our team to become baristas extraordinaire, guaranteeing quality knowledge and service with every cup. There, something you can depend on!
Transformational Events
L!VE has designed the transformational event concept for all people to experience their community in ways that enrich their lives. It’s emphasis on transformation is heightened by the social innovation, discovery learning, and entrepreneur-focused events that will take place in the space. Creating experiences that encourage people to assess their lives, identify impediments, and support the collaborative, this concept encourages pushing beyond the fear towards courage and faith in a supportive and safe community.
Social Enterprise
Much like the introspective process of reflection, dismantling, and rebuilding that encompasses the human transformation unfolding at L!VE, our business incubation component is a social enterprise that focuses on similar steps. With great emphasis on engaging those who have been deemed “difficult to employ,” this initiative will create training and development of a team, equipping them, ultimately, to start businesses of their own.


We are a boutique coffeehouse company that focuses on transformation 
through social innovation, experience, and enterprise.

Get the scoop on what we are experiencing, learning, and developing on our 
journey to launch L!VE: The first transformational event café!


L!VE will create a movement to pursue transformational excellence in all that 
we are, for ourselves, and on behalf of one another.

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