Hate Bricks Won’t Stop Black Candidates

This fundraiser supports Resheeda Graham Washington and L!VE Cafe and will be used to help drive the mission of anti racism in this community and beyond.

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We’re back! L!VE will be reopening our doors beginning on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day! We’ll have all of the drinks that you’ve come to know and love, AND we have a new twist on our food menu. All of our meals will be provided through a fresh partnership with Versatility Catering and 40 Acres Fresh Market. Meal quantities will be limited, so we highly encourage you to place an advance order at the link below.

To innovate transformational experiences and curate creative space in order to examine what needs to be torn down, what needs to be built up, and what needs to be refreshed in our lives and our communities, as a means for inspiration toward courageous, authentic, and abundant L!V!NG!


Illuminating economic development to support black-owned businesses in the Oak Park and Austin communities.

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While more and more people are drinking coffee for fuel and energy, there are fewer opportunities to do so in a way that allows coffee drinkers to engage deeply in relational communities, and more especially between communities, like Austin and Oak Park. Live Café & Creative Space leverages the success of the "recession proof" coffee industry, as a means by which to build relationships and discover personal and community transformation. Finally, L!VE prides itself on partnering well. From our hyperlocal wholesale relationships, to the organizations we've connected with to co-curate events and share space, L!VE believes its mission is to make itself available to the surrounding community of gifts and talents, to share in the efforts of community and organizational development and growth across the Greater West Side.
Transformational Events
L!VE has designed the transformational event concept for all people to experience their community in ways that enrich their lives. L!VE faithfully espouses to two hashtags in terms of 'how to be' at our events and gatherings. The first, #liveintention, commits us to living purposefully and thoughtfully in the space. Known for its difficult conversations and challenging dialogues/experiences, the L!VE community recognizes the importance of being mindful of how we talk with one another and how we share our thoughts and plans, even as we do so earnestly. The second hashtag, #liveintension, reminds us that when conversations and experiences that we share become challenging, difficult, that we will remain at the table and be in the midst of the tension respectfully, long enough to see evolution emerge. These concepts encourage us to push beyond fear and discomfort toward courage in one's self and faith in a supportive community of practice.
Entrepreneurial Development
Using the introspective process of reflection, deconstruction, and creation, L!VE encourages an entrepreneurial mindset in its team and beyond. With great emphasis on centering and engaging people who have been historically, traditionally, and intentionally marginalized, L!VE's focus on developing entrepreneural capacity in its team and community members increases the entrepreneurial ingenuity present between us all, making us an even more innovative community.


L!VE is a coffeehouse community that focuses on transformation through social innovation, experience, and enterprise.

Get the scoop on what we are experiencing, learning, and developing on our journey.


L!VE serially creates "micro-movements" in all that we are and all that we do, toward personal and communal transformation on a larger scale.

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