This IS Our Time: #preparetolive

In the whirlwind of emails and communications surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, I have struggled to write something that would not add to the fodder of tips and recommendations that have been overwhelming us all.  So, I won’t. Rather, in keeping with what the L!VE community holds dear, I’ll just admit that the L!VE team, my family, and I are all knee deep in our attempts to L!VE out our hashtags: #liveintention and #liveintension.  From being grateful for the time to spend in intimate proximity with my daughters at home, a gift that I have often yearned for, to the frustration of feeling “stuck” at home, vexed that isolation was not something I got to “choose” for myself, these two hashtags have worked me over in the last week or so!  And to think of the number of times someone has posted the phrase, “This is just the beginning” on social media makes me wanna just go running down my block screaming, “This can’t last forever!” But you know what? It really can’t. It really can NOT last forever. Nothing ever does. And because it won’t last forever, we must press our way THROUGH, proactively preserving the people and spaces we want to see still standing when we get on the other side of this daunting episode.  When Corona goes low, We. Go. High.

So what does that look like?  Well, we have decided that we will #preparetolive!  Since all Illinois dine-in bars and restaurants are closed until the end of this month (a sound and wise decision, to be sure), we are going to harness our energy and resources to refresh, restore, and renew the cafe, making it all ready for your return!  We have canceled all events through the end of March, and we will spend our time and energy over the next two weeks sanitizing and doing a deep cleaning to ensure even higher standards of safety and healthfullness for you! We will also be revamping our menu, making it easier to read, more efficient to order from, and more delectable to experience!  And don’t worry, we will practice the safety precautions of remaining more than three feet from each other and not over exerting ourselves in the process. We are committed to solidarity with safety for our team as our primary concern.Think of it as L!VE having a spa retreat so that when she returns, she will be revived and ready to serve as the community hub you have come to know, love, and appreciate so much!  

Feeling a bit of FOMO?  No worries! There are a few things you can to do be a part of #preparetolive!  We need YOU to ensure that L!VE remains strong enough to weather this challenging season!  Here is how you can continue to be a part of the L!VE community efforts:

  • Be in community with us through social media.  We will be posting photos and live streams of the #preparetolive process, so you can join us via social media!  We are a community after all! So, follow, share, and comment on our posts on instagram (@livexclamation), and on facebook (LIVE-Again and Again), and comment back to ME, Reesheda, on instagram (@reeshedangw) and on facebook (Reesheda Graham Washington) using the hashtag #preparetolive!  Let’s meet at the intersection of social distancing and social solidarity!!
  • Become a member of the L!VE Community.  You have been asking, and we are finally able to announce that L!VE monthly memberships are now available online!  Join the L!VE community by becoming a national, local, or organizational member by clicking here!  Become a member and enjoy the perks (freebies, discounts, and access to a creative space that is genuinely committed to its community)!
  • Give to L!VE.  Make a one-time or recurring donation to L!VE and support the countless and amazing program offerings that L!VE curates monthly.  Your donation will assist us as we endure the challenges associated with being closed through the end of this month, challenges that we project will reverberate operationally and fiscally for at least the next year.  Make your donation by clicking here, knowing that we will match its worth in rigor and vigor as we #preparetolive.
  • Shop Online.  Coffee, and books, and candles, oh my!  Shop our online store for your favorite products that you would typically purchase in house.  Swing by and pick it up using touchless transactions (we can put it in the window with your name on the bag), or have it delivered to your doorstep.  You can even send a few of these items to your favorite friends to let them know you are thinking about them, even if you can’t be physically with them during this time of isolation.  Who wouldn’t love that!?!? 

Friends, it is TRUE.  It really can NOT last forever.  Nothing ever does. So please help us in  pressing our way THROUGH, proactively preserving the people and spaces we want to see still standing when we get on the other side of this daunting episode.  When Corona goes low, We. Go. High. Thank you for your support! #preparetolive

Committed to service, I am, 

Reesheda N. Graham Washington

CEO, L!VE Cafe & Creative Space

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