This Year, We Felt L!VE Shift: A reflection from our Owner, Reesheda Graham Washington, on L!VE Turning Two

I am absolutely mind blown by the reality that L!VE is already two years old.  At the same time, it seems that she should be so much older by now. So much growing and stretching has happened in the life of the organization, and also, there always seems that there is more that could, should be done by now.  

This year, we felt L!VE shift from operating like the infant she was in year one, providing in house services and products, primarily, to more of a toddler in year two--moving out into the world more--from coffee cart and catering services, to now providing her very own signature blend to multiple co-working spaces consistently.

L!VE is growing up and out!  This month, we are excited to announce that we now have eCommerce available!  This means you can have our retail signature blend delivered to you!  Put it on auto-replenish and like magic, it will show up on your doorstep!!  Our candles, t-shirts, and mugs can now be ordered and delivered to you anywhere in the country as well!  Yes, L!VE is coming of age!

As we embark upon year three, we continue to be grateful for the support of the L!VE community and the ways in which you have made the cafe your place.  We invite you to continue to conspire toward greatness in entrepreneurship, activism, the arts, and community transformation, and to continue to see L!VE as the hub for innovation, as we #liveintention and #liveintension together.  

Committed to service, I am,

Reesheda N. Graham Washington

Chief Experience Officer

L!VE Cafe & Creative Space

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